Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Getting It

In the context of a longer and comment-full post on "Keeping it Real," Meredith Farkas mentions something about Second Life Library 2.0 that I want to pull out here:
I think SLL 2.0 is a really fascinating project and it’s terrific that people are exploring how to provide library services in 3D virtual worlds. But when a certain blogger who had written about the Second Life Library in positive terms turned to me at a conference and said “do you ‘get’ Second Life?” (and then admitted that s/he didn’t either) I knew we were getting only one side of the story online. So bravo to Rochelle for having the guts to “keep it real.”
This blogger may have been me -- I don't remember talking about this with Meredith in particular, but I've had similar SL conversations at conferences. So, I figured I'd qualify my mixed feelings. Nope, I don't "get" SL. But I don't get it for me. Just like I don't "get" podcasting, in that it's not my preferred method for receiving information -- but I'm on board with the fact that it is the bomb for others, that libraries and librarians should be in that space, and that people are doing very cool things with the technology.

I figure I might get SL better sometime in the future when I have both more time and a compatible graphics card... just as podcasting has become slightly more appealing now that I own an iPod. I'm excited that people who do "get it" are doing these amazing things in SL and other virtual worlds, and find the whole thing fascinating even if I don't play myself.

(And yeah, maybe Meredith wasn't talking about me in the first place, but I figure it's a good distinction to make.)

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