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So is it hypocritical not to get all up in arms about Wyoming's mudflap "girl" image, yet to think that this cartoon simply rocks?

I wasn't going to write about the mudflap flap (and at this point, it's pretty much flapped out), but, let's just be brief: I'm not particularly offended. When I first saw this image, I laughed. I think that reclaiming historically sexist images in a way that makes people take a step back and think can be positive. I think this is pretty clearly a parody and that it pretty clearly does its job in getting people's attention. And, I think I'm still a feminist.

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I agree with you on both counts-- that the xkcd cartoon is hilarious and that the Wyoming Libraries campaign is clever. And man, if an ad campaign ever paid for itself, it's this one.

Finally, part of being a feminist is having a sense of humor. No need to feel compromised!
Ditto--and I also still think I'm a feminist.
Agree with above! I guess what bugs me most is that I'm able to see both sides, but I've read some things where people have made it sound like any "feminist" should be offended by it.
That cartoon *was* funny.

I actually like the mudflap girl in general. I think it's an iconic and recognizable image, and I don't find it offensive. I even have a handbag with the traditional busty trucker version on it. I carried it at ALA a couple of years back and heard nary a peep about it (other than compliments from people who said "nice handbag"). And I am 100% absolutely a feminist.

Did you see the "mudflap guy" sendup that's made the rounds of some of the library blogs of late? Funny stuff, but not safe for work by any means!
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