Monday, June 11, 2007


Life, The Universe, and Google

So, all my Google Reader subscriptions just disappeared. Deep. Breath. From their message boards, this seems to be a fairly widespread problem, starting today, so I'm hopeful they'll make a reappearance... although I think the universe is trying to tell me something about backups. Last week, my PC refused to boot for 30 harrowing minutes (til I thought to unplug the USB cable from the UPS -- go figure). Now, ask me if I've backed up YET? Or when I last exported my subscriptions? Am I alone in being the world's worst back-upper?

This weekend, comcastic in this area had some kind of weird network outage where we could get to some web sites, but not others. Among the disappeared? Yes, Google. And Amazon. And eBay. And Yahoo. This caused a fascinating little lesson in dependence; I didn't realize how conditioned I was to just Google any old thing all day long until about the 5th unsuccessful attempt. Oh, and this being a Googleoutage, I couldn't get to Reader, Blogger, Gmail, Google Docs... maybe there's some message in there about getting too dependent on one ubercompany, too!

When I read bloggers who go off somewhere for a week to unplug, I'm semi-jealous, yet baffled. For one thing, I can't fathom how many pressing e-mail messages I'd come back to. Then there's the issue of dealing with the nagging sensation of not being able to find things out. One of the reasons I went into librarianship in the first place was that I liked to find things out and look stuff up. Google (yes, I know, there are alternatives...) just feeds that little addiction, but the ability to answer any stray question or expand on any stray thought that comes to mind is incredibly energizing -- and I think all these little stray bits of information come together to make me a better writer.

(Darn, they're still gone. I figured if I typed long enough maybe my feeds would reappear. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode of Rachel vs. technology...)

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Mine came back after a few hours. I'm madder that every person that subscribes to my blog via bloglines got dropped. (My bet is it's something to do with feedburner, but I'm not sure...)

They're back! I just checked bloglines and this feed seems OK, as are atom feeds from other Blogger blogs -- guessing you're right that it has to do w/ feedburner then?
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