Tuesday, April 10, 2007


More Free Books

I also have some library-related books received as review copies, some are dupes, some I just can't use. Ask for one, ask for all, these are free as in beer, I'll mail to you via media mail (so U.S. folks only, sorry). E-mail rachel@lisjobs.com with what you want, very briefly why, and your physical address.

Small Change Big Problems: Detecting and Preventing Financial Misconduct in Your Library, by Herbert Snyder -- TAKEN

Less is More: A Practical Guide to Weeding School Library Collections, by Donna J. Baumbach and Linda L. Miller -- TAKEN

The New Woman as Librarian: The Career of Adelaide Hasse, by Claire Beck -- TAKEN

EScholarship, a LITA Guide, ed. Debra Shapiro -- TAKEN

Computers in Libraries: An Introduction for Library Technicians, by Katie Wilson -- TAKEN

Measuring Your Library's Value: How to Do a Cost-Benefit Analysis for Your Public Library, by Donald S. Elliott et al -- TAKEN

Library Relocations and Collection Shifts, by Dennis C. Tucker -- TAKEN

(edited April 18 --all books are claimed, thanks for playing!)


Ooh, squee, may I have the book about Hasse please? Will email with address.
Sure, just send me your address -- I don't have the current one! Enjoy :)
Book received -- big thanks!
Thanks for the book, Rachel...got it today. I do appreciate it.

-Jess Bruckner
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