Monday, March 05, 2007


Word by Word

So I just finished reading February's American Libraries (I'm a little behind) and noticed that in their job ads section they talked up the newish ALA JobLIST site, but only as an add-on option for institutions placing print ads. I thought that sounded odd, so headed over to JobLIST to check out their rates. While they do have online-only pricing, check this out:

Member rate*: $65 plus $0.65 per word

Nonmember rate: $75 plus $0.75 per word

Logo surcharge: $30 to upload a GIF or JPG of an institution's logo that will appear in the online ad

I'm kind of baffled by the whole concept of per-word charges in an online environment, where one of the advantages is the ability to break out of the little per-word or per-line boxes of print advertising. Are they afraid of taking up an extra few K of server space for the additional text? Nah, that's probably not it...

If you want to post your library-related job ad online, do feel free to hop over to Job Postings on the Internet, where posting is currently free. Enough said...

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Word-of-mouth seems like a more attractive option than word-by-word. :P I guess that this can further justify an increase in cost for a search committee.
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