Friday, October 20, 2006


Friday Technolust

So, I'm taking up a collection, in case anyone wants to buy me one of these. (Stick with it, it starts getting good a minute or so in...)

Wow, that is pretty impressive. Could see quite a few uses for interacting with digitized content in libraries/archives/museums... Thanks for the pointer!
Count me in - then we can use the leftover cash to sponser someone to create an application which allows you to navigate through a library catalogue with something that looks the same as the blobby dots he drew.

I could imagine a tag cloud that you could "swim" through and bring different fields to prominence. Sort of like Aquabrowser but with colour/shape coding for each field and the ability to pull yourself through the fields...maybe pulling a couple up to the surface to compare them.

The work would then, of course, be retrieved as a book cover.
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