Monday, April 03, 2006


On Introductions and Liminality

All the “cool kids” have had blogs for months, if not years, and I’m coming to the party a bit late. So, why start one now?

If blogs had been around when I graduated 10 years ago, I may have started one then rather than putting up my web site. Honestly, I’m kind of glad they weren’t; I would have had a very different career without But, I’m surely glad they’re around now! I look to the biblioblogosphere for ideas, for inspiration, to renew my excitement about the field -- and it’s time I became part of the conversation. Maybe I’ll never be a cool kid, but I do want to play.

I’m mindful of the temptation to start a blog, then all but abandon it for lack of time, energy, or “something to say” -- one reason I’ve held off this long. I’m not likely to post every day, but I’m not planning on going away anytime soon.

So what’s this “liminal librarian” bit about, anyway?

I wrote a column on “The Bridge Generation” for Library Journal a few months back, talking about the ways in which GenX librarians sometimes feel “in between” the larger and more vocal Boomer and Millennial generations. Well, I have a lot more to say about being a bridge, about being in between, than can successfully be conveyed in a single page.

This blog will be devoted to the “in between” -- about avoiding the temptation to view hot button issues in black-and-white, about thinking about whether I can still call myself a librarian, even though I’m no longer working in a library, about generational issues and Library 2.0 issues and about our profession itself as being in a liminal state.

Liminality is unsettling, but conveys a sense of possibility and potential -- summing up how I feel about both our field and my own place in it.

Thanks for letting me play, and I’m looking forward to the conversation!

Edited to add: I just ran across an older post by Liz Lawley that talks about liminal spaces as "the fancy academic term for those in-between spaces where contexts overlap and new ways of thinking and acting often emerge" -- summing it up much more elegantly than I!

welcome, Rachel! The biblioblogosphere (or "biblogworld, or whatever we're calling it these days!) just got better :)
Thanks, Amanda! (Leave it to a librarian... you found this before I intended to launch and was still fighting with the template and getting the feed to work :))
you were ALWAYS one of the "cool kids," but I'm thrilled to have you hang with us in the playground now!

Nice job!
Welcome! I too knew that you were already one of the cool kids. Good to see you in liminal/virtual space.
Rawk! Glad you've joined us, and I hope we'll be good company.
Excellent! Welcome to the club. Liminal is right -- here's to chaos & opportunity all wrapped up in one!
Thanks, everyone, for the warm welcome! :) And you were always good company, I was just the quiet one over in the corner listening...
You are not too late, dear. As far as I am concerned, I joined this world of Blogspheres in Dec 2005, although I had my website for a zillion years.

I am happy that you have visualized a middle path.

View my blog and let me have your observations. My blog is by a librarian and meant for a better expression of libraries and its infostructure.
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