A thorough why-to and how-to book, showing librarians how to use the Web for professional training, networking, job hunting, and becoming known in the library community. Highly recommended! Marylaine Block, ExLibris

information professional's guide to career development online, book cover

Welcome to the companion web site to The Information Professional's Guide to Career Development Online, by Sarah L. Nesbeitt and Rachel Singer Gordon.

The authors have created this site as a bonus for readers of the book. To take full advantage of the links provided here, a copy of the book is essential.


Table of Contents

Each page below gives updated "live links" to every URL mentioned in that chapter. If you find an address that no longer works or has moved, please e-mail Rachel or Sarah and let us know!


Done here? Find further career development information at Lisjobs.com and Library Job Postings on the Internet.