The value of your web presence

While I’m at it, let me “liveblog” another one I took notes on yesterday:

Analyzing, eval, and communic the value of web presence. Amanda Clay Powers and Michael Porter

MP –

love libraries, hopeful for libraries, yet very concerned for libs. Don’t let “that’s the way we’ve always done it” or “we’re too busy” kill our libs.

AP –

Acad ref. lib. lib 2.0 summit — ms state univ. gung ho since then. Emerging tech summit this yr.

mgs virt ref dept. how integrate social networking/tech. All abt building community.

MP -

ROI — what it is for libs and why you care and maybe why you don’t need to care. how attitude changed over last year even. Investing staff time and resources into tracking success of social media for your lib need to do well — ppl who do best are from bus world.

oliver blanchard Having a social media presence nowadays is equiv of in yellow pgs 10 yrs ago. Not enough just to be there.

Social media means to an end, so need to know the end. Create goals, what trying to accomplish. Need measurable obj, strategies to meet them, tactics to accomplish strat. Jason falls

Don’t have time for full ROI report. Hoping for easier soln. No easy way to do business quality wo heavy investment — not mean can’t prove story but means data may be more anecdotal. Over last year, value of tools bec more app, ways permeated culture and society not have to make case as much.

youtube — socialmedia roi — socialnomics — sources

just need to tell story/demonstrate value — not full-blown ROI.

Knew was worthwhile (webjunction) but didn’t have stats. Starting compiling what ppl said on FB, twitter, etc about wj and doing in summary on first page. Anecdotal ev.

Weren’t reading, so pared down to 4 pgs. then stopped a hwile. Now. Need simple data every months. NUmber fb fans, # tweets, etc. Pared way down bc value has been proven already. Just part of what we do.

AP –

Metrics are out there. “So much for the fluff.”

twitter guide — has tools for analyzing feeds. at mississippi state univ under libguides.

facebook insights — on fb page over group — gets data over time, can dl and manipulate.

Spike in traffic — rave in library. Got on it, took pics, posted, students engaged with. First ones to have photos up (was a 10 minute study break rave). So huge spike.

What’s your target? What are you trying to do with this info? No longer have to prove fb and twitter good idea — done deal. On every page lib/univ website etc. So what data good for?

About building relationships. building community. and listening. Never had this kind of contact with patrons before to know what they thinking about. Sometimes they’re thinking about us/libraries/ needing help. Not just linear stats.

Also — getting your resources noticed. Added new resources. Could see who tweeted, where they were, how many followers they had — could see how word getting out. Multiphase, multilayered process — blanchard. Peeling back payers of rich nonlinear exc. data never had before. Shows how bec. relevant.

No instant answers.

Are you being retweeted? Why did they retweet you? What gets liked? What provokes comment? Who is engaging w/ you? So what’s interesting, what not, and why.

What are you doing that’s sticky? What matters, what brings patrons in, what are they doing with it? Opp to listen.

Create own assessment tool bc every lib is different. Engagement is a very interesting stat.