Liminality, the state of being “in between,” is inherently unsettling, yet full of possibility. Liminal librarians are on the threshold, mindful of their in-betweenness, taking issue with absolutes, and excited about what the future may hold.

Rachel Singer Gordon is webmaster, LISjobs.com and consulting editor, ITI Books. More about me.


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  2. Rachel DuBois:

    Hi Rachel (nice name),
    I came across your blog today because a friend of mine asked me a few days ago what my superhero name would be. I spent days thinking about this, how much I love to not only read, but research and help other people find stuff out. And then I’ve been going through a massive transition in terms of what I want to do in life and identity, which is where I first came across the term “liminal”. So lo, I came up with my superhero name as “The Liminal Librarian”. It was such a good name I did a Google search and there you were! Even weirder that we have the same first name and are/were web designers. I am not, however, a real librarian.

    Anyway, best of luck with your blog and book and other projects and just wanted to say hello from a fellow LL.

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