What’s your favorite nonlibrary conference?

Penguin car at BEA

I’m about to leave BEA 2010, which is my new favorite nonlibrary conference of all time. Yes, partially because of all the free books and ARCs you can carry. But really: A conference all about books? Authors, authors, everywhere? A most awesome librarians lunch where I got to hear Adriana Trigiani (who is hysterical), Joshilyn Jackson, Susan Isaacs, and more — and got copies of their newest books? Priceless.

Book tunnel

Then, there’s New York. The Strand. The food…

So what’s yours?

I know I haven’t blogged much (OK, at all) lately, but I’ve been thinking a lot about our need to take a lot more from fields outside librarianship in order to evolve — and survive. So, what are your favorite nonlibrary conferences?


  1. Colleen:

    I dont attend very many anymore, but back before I was yet another ABD librarian, I enjoyed the MLA (modern language, not medlib) conference. I’ve been considering going back, since many of the socsci faculty for our uni are members and that’s their huge conference. As a writer, I loved AWP (I also look at the writers as perhaps-soon-to-be-on-my-shelves, which is a fun perspective to have).

  2. Michael Sauers:

    Back in Library School I got a change to attend the Computers, Freedom & Privacy conference. (http://www.cfp.org/) This was in 1994 during the height of the Clipper Chip & PGP controversies. I got to meet Bruce Sterling, Steven Levey, Bruce Sterling, Emanuel Goldstein (2600 Magazine) and some NSA spooks. I’d love to go again.

  3. Mick Jacobsen:

    I really enjoyed an web accessibility conference I went to a year ago at University of Illinois. Learned tons, fun talking to super techies, good times.

  4. Rachel:

    I really like the Society of Scholarly Publishing conference (http://www.sspnet.org/). There are some librarians, though we are certainly not the majority. I thought the sessions were really valuable and interesting.

  5. Ellen:

    The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative annual conference was pretty darn amazing, for anyone interested in educational technology. I found it to be far more informative than any library conference I’ve attended, even the tech-oriented ones.

  6. Connie Crosby:

    Great question! Mine is Podcasters Across Borders (PAB)–this will be my fourth year attending. Another law librarian, Jim Milles, got me started in this conference. It is a close community, roughly 100 people attend, and we have a fantastic weekend. If anyone is interested in learning about social media and content creation, this is a great group (it is not just about podcasting)–I highly recommend it! http://www.podcastersacrossborders.com/

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