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So I’m on the plane back from CIL catching up on some old magazines that have piled up. The March USNWR contains this gem in an article on “Surviving the American Makeover” (on p16 if you’d like to play along at home):

Even some fields that often require advanced degrees — such as law, teaching, library science, [emphasis mine] and some medical-technology specialties — have relatively low income growth, because lots of people choose them and once you have the credentials, the work is fairly standardized. [emphasis again mine]

Care to discuss amongst yourselves?

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  1. walt crawford:

    Two thoughts:

    1. The snarky one–maybe a newsweekly sufficiently weak that it’s now a newsmonthly isn’t the key authority on, well, much of anything?

    2. The other one–I’m not sure librarians would want to complain too much about being lumped with lawyers, teachers and medical professionals. Seems to me that’s reasonably good company, even if in the context of being denigrated by a failing magazine.

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