Speaking of liminal

The other thing that always strikes me about smaller conferences like Computers in Libraries or Internet Librarian is the importance of the in-between places to the conference experience and vibe. Regular attendees know that the real action is sometimes less in the sessions than in doing lobbycon, and some local folks have been known to come in just to hang out there — why register? So my next question of the day in my own in-between space before the next conference commitment here: Is lobbycon something you can deliberately replicate with things like unconferences and camps, or does it need to grow organically?


  1. Hazel Edmunds:

    If you try to organise the in-between bits, even with an unconference, then they cease to be the in-between bits and your events will create its own between spaces – and so on and so forth as infinitum!

  2. rachel:

    LOL — it’s a dog food can!

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