LJ, Today

It’s a good thing I signed up for LJ Express, because otherwise I never remember to check the site for new issues. If you, too, need a reminder about today’s, let me sum it up briefly:

  1. Roy Tennant, as always, ROCKS.
  2. Huh? “The presence of a beloved book in our hands has no virtual equivalent. It should not come as a surprise, according to one study, that depression levels rise with the more time people spend chatting online (“Now, We’re Just Like Them” – William H. Wisner).” I don’t know about you guys, but I’m re-energized every time I come out of a chat with a distant friend or colleague.
  3. Who writes these titles?
  4. Go Francine Fialkoff! “I’m tired of those who not only don’t hear one another but don’t want to, from the critics on staff to the directors and boards. I’ve had it with older, and younger, librarians who see the world through myopic generational glasses and who think their way—whether it’s all technology all the time or all classics and classic services all the time—is the only way.”

Yes, I do write for LJ — but even if I didn’t, it’s still sometimes worth wading through the blinking ad-heavy craziness to see what’s going on.


  1. Julie:

    why is the LJ Tech Blog so lame? no posts in over a month!

  2. Rachel:

    Huh, that’s a good question! I hadn’t even noticed (which may be a sign it’s time to unsubscribe anyway :) ).

  3. Anonymous:

    The techblog has been suspended since July while we figure out another iteration. Our bloggers agreed that it was time to call a halt, too. Francine, LJ

  4. Rachel:

    Thanks for the update, Francine — saw the note come through on the blog as well!

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