Valuable Time

I’ve been trying to catch up on some online reading this weekend. While not all of it has fully percolated through my head, some recent news and discussions seem to belong together. So, I’ll work some of it out here, and let you draw your own conclusions about the rest.

First, while watching the perennial discussion about the sad state of librarian salaries crop back up on NEWLIB-L, I ran across a link to the Feminist Career Center from the Feminist Majority Foundation. The site is in itself interesting, but browsing the ads there, when you can find a non-intern one that actually lists a salary, helps put things in perspective. (You can be a “citizen outreach director” and recruit, train, and supervise a staff of 10-40, starting at $23,750-$25,250 — and I’d guess they’ll find people happy to do it.)

Meanwhile, Jessamyn West comments on success over at, quoting Seth Godin as saying: “I do things where I actually think I’m right, as opposed to where I think succeeding will make me successful. When you think you’re right, it’s more fun and your passion shows through.”

It’s all good when what you feel is right and what benefits your profession and your career dovetail. So, then, points to an article from the Economist on “why do economists spend valuable time blogging.” You’d figure that economists have this opportunity cost thing down, so there has to be something to it.

We all need to figure out how best to spend our own valuable time, and determine what percentage of that value needs to be monetary, at what point in our careers. Today, I’m spending some of my valuable time in Bloglines. Thanks for spending some of your valuable time reading my half-formed thoughts!

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