Making Nice or Making News?

I just thought I’d pop back in briefly to share a couple other things I’ve seen lately that seem related to this whole visible and vocal discussion. For instance, via Boing Boing the other day I ran across this fun little tidbit: Lady Gamers Get Voice Changer. (No, I don’t think this is a new concept, but… good lord.)

Then, Louise Alcorn over at Librarian’s Rant shares her thoughts in Not Ready to Make Nice — on a somewhat different subject, but expressing the same sentiments: “Since when have we started again to buy into the idea that women should ‘make nice’ when they see injustice or idiocy?”

I think a lot of this boils down to just being tired of having the same conversations. I’ve been online for 20 years, and these are the same sorts of discussions that were happening on BBSs in the mid-1980s and early 90s, just now with a bigger critical mass of women, and specific to librarianship. I had a lot more energy for it then than I do now.


  1. Christie:

    Thanks for expressing the concerns that this old Boomer has had for….well, decades! I have no answer for why as a group, our sex does not dive into science, math and technology like our friends in the other gender. But let me tell you, it’s better than it was! Just one example: when I started covering State Librarian’s meetings for my boss in the early 90’s, the majority at the table were men. I puzzled as to why a female dominated profession would be led by males. Today, attending these meetings as a state librarian, I see more female faces around the table.
    As women, many of us consider both family and work as our top priority. So if a mom/librarian, for example, has a spare moment, she will probably not spend it gaming!
    My optimistic hope is that it is time and not inclination that is keeping women from the upper stratosphere of technology.

    (By the way, my unscientific observation is that the majority of library blogs are written by they should be!).

  2. Dorothea:

    Yet we will make little further progress IMO until the time crunch is as likely to be a man’s as a woman’s.

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