Now THIS is a rant…

Ever get mad at an editor? Read this for kicks and giggles (and profanity; you’ve been warned).


  1. Joel:

    And the sub-editors’ response:

  2. T Scott:

    That was great. A bit over the top, but I can fully appreciate Coren’s outrage. When I was editing the JMLA, I was always scrupulous about making sure that every change I suggested was seen by, and agreed to by, the author before approving it. There were still the occasional cases where what looked completely straightforward to the copyeditor (who then went ahead and made the change) deflated some particular stress or point that the author was trying to make. A good copy-editor, for example, might well consider my two uses of the word “by” above to be superfluous and changed it to, “seen, and agreed to, by”. And I would have been furious at having my intentional rhetorical stresses tampered with.

  3. T Scott:

    But then I would have appreciated the copy-editor who cleaned up my garbled tenses in my penultimate sentence…

  4. rachel:

    There’s more editing talk over at the Chronicle forums –,51597.0.html

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