Who is a librarian? Links

I noticed that some of the bloggers referencing the “If it quacks like a librarian” post didn’t make it into trackbacks, so thought I’d make a list here so they’re all accessible from one place. If I missed yours, please comment here and I’ll add.

Some of these agree with my original points, some disagree, but I think this is an important conversation to have.


  1. Emily Lloyd:

    Hey–I decided to back up and delete Shelf Check #206, as I didn’t have time to finish and extend the point in a second and third strip in a timely fashion (attending PLA). I’ll certainly revisit the issue in the future–just wanted to let you know that the link no longer works. Thanks and apologies.

  2. rachel:

    No problem, I’ve removed the link — thanks for letting me know!

  3. Maureen:

    what’s in a name? rants and musings from your local librarian…. http://kalla0069.livejournal.com/10952.html

    Thanks for the thought-provoking discussion!

  4. Nicole Engard:

    Yeah – I wonder why sometimes I don’t get track backs … I have it enabled … thanks for the list.

  5. Britta:

    This discussion is long overdue.

    Bibliolove – http://bibliolove.blogspot.com/2008/03/quacking-and-calling-shenanigans.html

    Thanks, Rachel

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