On the “what is your library’s signage/verbiage/catalog saying about you” thread, I just tried to order a newish book on CD from another library:

No items requestable, request denied.

Denied! In red! Let’s think of some ways we could make this message more friendly, shall we?

(And while we’re wishing: please let me store my login on my personal PC so I don’t have to type name, number, and PIN every time I want to access my account…)

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  1. lisa:

    Right! And in general those sorts of things are pretty easy to change with a little digging. I think in general we give little thought to those things. Where I worked we’ve added our Meebo widget to just about every ‘nothing found’ page we can think of — including out custom 404 page, serials solutions, catalog, our in house databases and resources page, and more. AND we’ve gotten a good response.

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