Blogversity – An Attempt at a Meme

The discussion on well-known library bloggers made me wonder — what do people read outside the library field? I never get to play the meme game with anyone, so thought I’d attempt to start my own…

Here are five random picks out of the non-library blogs I follow:

The Lipstick Chronicles – (mild nsfw warning) is pretty much just for fun. Written by four authors who “write books that combine elements of chick lit, mystery and romance,” it gets into the writing process, kids, sex, family, books, and whatever else have you.

Barbara’s Blog: Barbara Ehrenreich Comments on Working in America
– If you’ve found her books interesting, you’ll probably also find her blog interesting, although it’s only updated sporadically.

Bitch Ph.D. – Academia, parenting, and feminism, what’s not to like?

Boing Boing – I admit that I wait for Boing Boing to approach a couple hundred new posts, then do a massive skim. But the mix of fun, weird, and thought-provoking pointers make it worth dropping by.

Inkygirl: Daily Diversions for Writers – Thoughts on the publishing process, mixed with cartoons.

So what do you read that’s absolutely not library-related? If you’re a library blogger reading this, consider yourself tagged, and tag your own post fiveblogs.


  1. Ms. OPL:

    Okay, I’ll play.

    Beloit College News,my alma mater (undergrad),

    Bozo Urbana, weird stuff going on in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, my home town and where we’re going to retire in a few years,

    little blog on the prairie, like Bozo Urbana, but more interesting,

    News & Events from the University of Illinois Alumni Association, my other alma mater (library school) plus I am president of the Cleveland Illini Club,

    Fighting Illini news (U of I athletic association), useful for Illini Club newsletters,

    Illinois News Bureau–Research,

    Running a Library, blog from a hospital CEO–fascinating! Health Blog, just because,

  2. rtennant:

    I think you’re wrong to limit this to blogs (but perhaps that was unintentional). One of the best things I read outside the profession is Business 2.0. Which I read (yawn) in paper form.

  3. Rachel:

    Roy – I think that broader outside reading could be a whole other topic (and agree on Business 2.0, btw). I specified blogs just as a followup on the earlier post.

    Judith – Thanks for playing!! :)

  4. Meredith:

    You know, I would probably say that this is the most interesting meme I have participated in! I actually am really curious to see what people are going to put down, because it’s quite likely that they will be things that I have never been exposed to and perhaps would really enjoy. I’ve already found a few that I’m going to take a second look at. It’s also just interesting to see what interests and inspires people outside of our little library universe.

    Way to go, Rachel!

  5. La Flor:

    you’re tagged. read more here.

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