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Can you judge a book by its cover?

Brian Mathews just pointed me to COVER ART CONTROVERSY at his blog — note anything interesting here?

Marketing_Todays_Academic_Library WhatsTheAlternative

Fun with stock photos!

New Mashup Mom blog

I just launched a new blog, which I probably won’t talk much about here, since it’s not so much library related. But if you’re interested in strategies for saving and making money from home, come check out my new Mashup Mom project.

Does anyone still work at LJ?

One wonders.

Among other changes taking place, the group will suspend publication of Críticas, the twice monthly online newsletter for reviews in English of Spanish-language titles. Plans are underway to continue coverage of Spanish books in the existing publications.

The moves were announced in the wake of staff layoffs at parent company Reed Business Information dictated by the declining advertising market, the company said in a statement. Among those leaving LJ are long-time, valued staffers Ann Burns, Book Review Associate Editor; Ann Kim, Special Projects Editor; Lynn Blumenstein, Senior Editor, Library Hotline; and Aida Bardales, Críticas Senior Editor.

I’m at a loss for words right now.

Free coffee at Panera

If free Starbucks coffee isn’t your cup of tea coffee, stop by Panera today — they’re giving out free coffee (new blend, thumbs up!) and samples of their new breakfast entrees (try the quiche!).

(No, they — unfortunately :) — didn’t pay me to write this…!)


Top Editor at Publishers Weekly is Laid Off

Sara Nelson, the editor in chief of Publishers Weekly, the main trade magazine to the book industry, has been laid off in a restructuring by the publication’s parent company, Reed Business Information….According to a statement from Reed Business Information, the layoffs affect about 7 percent of the staff. Reed operates a broad range of a broad range of trade magazines. In publishing, the company owns School Library Journal, Library Journal and Criticas. As a result of the restructuring, Brian Kenney, editor in chief of School Library Journal, will now be editorial director of that magazine along with Publishers Weekly and Library Journal.

Editorial director of all three? And we complain about doing more with less…


Watched part of LITA’s “Top Technology Trends” panel on streaming video earlier today, very cool. As someone who doesn’t often get to participate in ALA “live” (and has only ever read summaries of TTT after the fact), I appreciated the chance to catch the bits of discussion you inevitably miss in writeups — and to see the panelists’ reactions to one another. This is definitely something I’d like to see more of, esp. from LITA, who should be out in front pushing for virtual participation.

Why I freelance, again…


Catching up on LISNews, I saw these two headlines within several posts of each other:

Wikipedia may restrict public’s ability to change entries.

Britannica’s New Site: More collaboration, participation from experts and readers.

Hmm, says I.

Librarian by ethnicity

I quite enjoyed this “Ethnically Librarian” post over at Library Avengers.”

There are librarians who work in libraries, and there are librarians who just Are.

It’s the difference between being a Jew by Religion, and being a Jew by Ethnicity. Both groups contribute to the cultural whole.

While a Librarian by Profession is inherently a Librarian by Ethnicity, the opposite may not be true. A trained librarian can sport a different job title, but  her clarity and understanding will still contribute to her work.

My own answer to this question is still evolving — I had to look back to see what I said several years ago, but talking to so many libraryfolk working outside libraryland while writing What’s the Alternative? has helped bring my thinking on the subject closer to the “ethnically librarian” camp.

Didja get your free Starbucks yet?

Did my pledge, got my coffee -- you?

Well, did you? :)