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Member Me?

So, have you all nominated me for Honorary ALA Membership yet? No? Come on, I deserve it at least as much as Oprah or Bill Gates… You have to admit, this is kind of an interesting and eclectic little list.

Twitter on Twitter

Another quick pointer as I continue clearing out my open Firefox tabs: If you missed the post a while back on the Asymptotic Twitter Curve over at Creating Passionate Users, go read it now. I’ll wait.

(What am I doing now? Waiting. What am I doing now? Still waiting. What am I doing now? Thinking I should stop typing before people think I’m on crack. What am I doing now? Hitting Publish….)

OK, yeah, I still don’t “get” Twitter so much!

Baby You Can Drive my Library

Just wanted to point out the anonymous comment on this LJ article on “The Women Who Drive Library Technology,” because it made me laugh out loud. (See the little “talkback” box on the upper right.)

Comment Consternation

I’m only intermittently receiving Blogger e-mail notifications of new comments here, so if you comment on an old post, I may not see it for a while. Just changed over to my gmail account to see if that might help — I see others in the help forums with the same problem, but no real answers. (Anyone?)