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LJ Professional Media reviews


I was over on the Library Journal site today reading their “Professional Media” reviews. How many books this month? All of three. I’m disappointed in LJ, because they only review professional titles once a month or less often, and the columns have been getting shorter and shorter. Am I alone in wishing for more coverage of professional titles in the literature?

However, I was pleased to see a review of Nicole Engard’s Library Mashups today. (Yes, I edited it, but it is nonetheless fantastic.)

Psst… wanna buy a magazine, kid?

So LJ is for sale again. Who wants to go in with me? :)

Some ammunition for all you anti-AL peeps

From “Reputation as Property in Virtual Communities,” posted in Pocket Part, an online companion to the Yale Law Journal:

Anonymous blogging and commentary, on the other hand, correspond to the virtual world economies describe above. The reputational property this type of activity generates exists only online, associated with virtual identities that generally are not connected to any real-world identities. What enables this division from the real-world reputational economy is anonymity, which permits bloggers—or even blog commenters—to gain online status, often at the expense of others, without risking their own real-world status. And as with the online and virtual world economies, challenging problems arise when the two reputational economies meet, as happens when anonymous posters (members of the virtual-world-style reputational economy) attack nonanonymous online profiles (members of the online reputational economy). From a practical standpoint, it is difficult, though not impossible, to identify anonymous online attackers, making redress rare. But from a more theoretical standpoint, it is difficult to replace, with currency or any other kind of “old” property, the reputational property they have lost.

Then again, I don’t know that anyone has lost “reputational property” here. Or how you figure out the value of someone’s reputational property. Another way of playing the old “A-list bloggers” game?

The mildly perturbed librarian

Some folks that I respect a lot now respect Library Journal a lot less, due to LJ’s decision to pick up The Annoyed Librarian. And, since people have asked me for my take via email (and, last week, in a live Q&A session), I figured I’d come out and say it:

I understand why LJ hired her. I’m going to keep reading LJ (well, at least the random bits and pieces I read before). I’m going to continue to write for LJ (well, at least the bits and pieces where they haven’t fired me).

OK, why?

  1. LJ is a business, and this is a business decision. Any uproar about the AL plays into their hands: They’re looking for clicks, so they can attract advertisers. They don’t care whether you check into the AL because you love her, or because she… annoys you.
  2. LJ is owned by Reed Elsevier, folks. (At least til they manage to unload it.) Reed Elsevier isn’t your librarian-next-door — they’re in this, again, to make money. If you didn’t stop reading LJ when Reed bought them and the budget skimping started to become more apparent, the AL probably shouldn’t push you over the edge.
  3. The AL’s posts have nothing to do with the content of the rest of the magazine. If it was useful to me before, it remains useful to me now.
  4. LJ has posted annoying, insulting, and downright stupid content before (*cough* “Revenge of the Blog People” *cough*). Although this excited comment, no one really dropped LJ because it lent legitimacy to these views by publishing them. I don’t see pseudonymity as the straw that makes the difference.
  5. LJ employs other bloggers whose work I respect; it seems to make just as much sense to read LJ because it’s lent legitimacy to these people, as to not read LJ because it’s lent legitimacy to the AL.

OK, are you saying that you respect the AL?

Nope, I’m simply saying that I respect LJ’s decision to pick up her blog. There’s a place for pseudonymous online expression, but this ain’t it — hiding behind a pseudonym in order to attack other people by name is both cowardly and lame. I’m saying that I respect LJ’s decision, but wouldn’t necessarily have made the same decision. And, for what it’s worth, the AL has gotten much less interesting since she joined LJ, I’m guessing because of the pressure to post regularly and not when the annoyed muse strikes; I haven’t bothered to click through from her feed for a while.

Shake it shake it shake it girl

You’ve probably seen this around already, but LJ’s “Movers & Shakers” deadline is fast approaching. And this, is cool — for those of you who have in the past complained about this not being open for international nominations:

Now accepting international nominees! If your nominee is international, or if you prefer email over submitting the form below, please email Ann Kim at the below information attached as a Word document. Thank you very much for your contribution!

Nominate early, nominate often!