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Price drop — Point, Click, and Save

Go figure! Amazon just dropped their pre-order price on Point, Click, and Save: Mashup Mom’s Guide to Saving and Making Money Online down to $13.46! (Not that I’m obsessively looking at my pretty book cover on Amazon or anything…) I wasn’t going to mention it again already, but thought I’d note the price drop. I’m not sure if I should be pleased that maybe more people might buy it, or sad for the lost royalties. :)

Cheap flip video camera

I posted this over at Mashup Mom this morning, but after getting comments over there from librarians saying that their youth services department might be interested, I thought I’d xpost here so more librarians might see it! Yup, this is an affiliate link, if you don’t want to support Liminal Librarian then use your super infopro skills to find it unlinked. :)


This flip video camera is down to $49.99 on Amazon — $100 off, and free super-saver shipping!