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Here’s one for your collection

Sarah Palin romance novel contest

Sarah Palin is now fielding more than a dozen offers to write a book and 800 requests for interviews. But if a publisher commissioned a romance novel about her instead, how would that novel begin? (No more than five sentences, please.)

Be sure to read the comments… bad… images… seared on brain…

Been busy with NaNoWriMo?

Then, get ready to polish up your work and submit it for the Amazon breakthrough novel award this Feb.

Have an unpublished novel you know readers will love? Enter your manuscript in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award for a chance to win a $25,000 publishing contract with Penguin Group (USA) and the distribution of your novel on .

And, is your library doing any NaNoWriMo programming? What a nifty and natural tie-in — if not, maybe next year!

Make money fast online!

OK, I always wanted to say that… but here’s one for you Twitterers, or those of you who obsessively update your Facebook status. Memoirs, Ink. is holding a “What’s Your Status?” contest:

Memoirs Ink is having a free mini-memoir competition inspired by some great lines we’ve seen on gmail status, facebook status, twitter and others. The status line, while it can be a boring travelogue or list of things done in a day, is also a great form of mini memoiring. (Yes, we just made that word up.) So email us your status (150 characters MAX) and win cool prizes.

Read all about it — the site’s in frames, so click on “writing contest” and then “what’s your status? contest.” Logo Contest

*** PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY *** LOGO CONTEST is seeking submissions for a new logo that reflects its mission of job hunting and career development for librarians and info pros. This logo will be featured on the upcoming redesign of the website, as well as in additional print and online materials.


Please keep the design in a landscape (wider than it is tall) format, and use lighter colors to help it stand out against the redesigned site. While creating your design, keep in mind that the new expands coverage of career development and library education issues, serving all stages of info pros’ career cycle. I’m seeking a logo that best represents that mission.

Please submit your design as a .jpg file to by Monday, July 7. If your design is chosen, please be prepared to submit a high-quality Illustrator (.eps) or Photoshop (.psd) graphic (vector preferred).

If your design is chosen, you affirm that you will transfer all rights over to Rachel Singer Gordon/ By submitting a logo design, you affirm that you are its creator and have not used others’ protected work in its design. You will be credited on the website as the logo designer, with a link back to your own web presence if desired. You will also receive a free resume posting on (lifetime, or as long as I still offer this service) as well as an autographed copy of What’s the Alternative: Career Options for Librarians and Info Pros (ITI, 2008).

The winning design will be chosen by Rachel Singer Gordon. If no design is selected, there may be no winner of this contest, and may stick with its old logo.

More free Netflix trials to give away

Netflix just sent me another batch of 4 free month-long trials for ‘friends and family’ (must activate by June 15). Seeing as my friends and family either have Netflix already or don’t want it, the first 4 people to comment here with a valid email address will receive one of these codes. For yourself or your library, makes no nevermind to me.

(Oh, and for full disclosure purposes — if you activate a free trial using my codes, I get one extra movie on my account.)

2008 Computer book giveaway recipients

I’m pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 computer book giveaway:

  • The Imperial County Free Library (El Centro, CA)
  • Turkeyfoot Lending Library (Confluence, PA)
  • Wausaukee Branch Library ( Wausaukee, WI)
  • Mountain Regional Library System (Young Harris, GA)

Thanks, all — I wish I had enough books on the basics to send everyone who applied, but please watch for a similar announcement next year.

2008 Computer book giveaway

I review computer guides for LJ (get the feed). So I have several stacks of computer books here, published between 2006-2007, that need to leave my house. These are not galleys, but actual published titles.

I’ll mail one box of these books to each of at least three U.S. libraries, no strings attached (except I’d like the “winning” libraries to mail me a donation receipt for tax purposes). If interested, email by April 30, 2008 with the following info:

  1. Contact name, email, and physical library address
  2. One or two paragraphs on why your library could really use a box of computer books
  3. Two or three subject areas you could particularly use (e.g., Windows Vista, ASP.NET, Mac OS X, Photoshop CS3).

I’ll choose at least 3 libraries, probably more, using my own completely subjective criteria and depending on how many boxes I can fill with requested subjects. I’ll ship out the books library rate in early May. Feel free to pass this message along to colleagues, lists, etc.


(The six libraries that received a box of books in last year’s giveaway are ineligible, sorry!)

Edited to add: Please do NOT comment on this post to request these books; email with your answers to the three questions above. Thanks! Forum Contest

Get active on the online discussion forums during March, and win big! OK, “big” may be a relative term. But here’s the deal: Anyone who writes a post on the online discussion forums during the month of March will be entered into a drawing to win, what else — books! Keep them, give them away, donate them to your library, or make book art out of them, but you could win:

  1. A brand-new copy of FRBR: A guide for the perplexed, by Robert L. Maxwell.
  2. Signed copies of ANY two books I ever wrote.
  3. Three, count em, three paperback/ARC supernatural romances.
  4. A whole darn box of random (yet recent) computer guides, for yourself or your library.

(Forum moderators are ineligible for this contest, sorry!) The four winners will be chosen in a random drawing from registered users who post on the forums in March 2008.

Computer Book Giveaway

I review computer guides for LJ (and, if you haven’t picked up the RSS feed yet, you might want to, since the column’s hard to find on their site). So, I have several stacks of books here, published between 2005-2006, that need to leave my house. These are not galleys, but actual published copies.

I’ll mail one box of these books to each of three U.S. public libraries, no strings attached (although a donation receipt would be nice). If interested, e-mail by April 24 with the following info:

Contact name, e-mail, and physical library address
One paragraph on why your library could use a box of computer books
A couple of subject areas you could particularly use (e.g., Windows XP, A+ certification, podcasting)

The three libraries selected will be notified by May 1, and I’ll ship out the books via media mail in early May. Feel free to pass this message along to colleagues.