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Just flying by to say that job ads can now be found on twitter. Yes. Finally. :) So follow @LISjobscom for updates.

Perception is key

I was catching up on email this week and saw yet another mention of a focus on the “survival” of libraries. Although the actual document they’re talking about is proactive and positive in talking about ways to transform and move forward, it re-emphasized how often we use words like “survival” and “endangered” and “uncertain” when talking about libraries and the future of our profession. When we come at it from that angle, it really does sound like we’re scrambling from survival, and not working from a position of strength. Reframing our language and our approach might help us come at these challenges from a different angle.

It also made me think about just how much perception is key, in anything. For instance: I run a resume posting service over at, for which I charge $10.00 for the first six months. (The only area of the site, btw, that incurs any fees.) Reactions to there being a fee at all generally run the gamut from:



  • Is it really only $10.00? That’s so reasonable. Thank you so much for this site.


  • You didn’t tell me there was a fee?!

(This last, apparently, from the non-reading type of librarian.)

Same service, same fee, but incredibly different reactions. Now, I’m wondering if there’s a way to tweak the language on the page so that I get a lot more of reaction number 2 — and a lot less of reaction number one (which, I’ll admit, is more rare). I already tweaked it a while back to avoid number 3, but this oddly hasn’t worked so well.

Getting a job in a tough economy

I’ve been doing some talks lately on career building in a down economy, so was interested to see ALA’s new Getting a Job in a Tough Economy Toolkit. It’s obviously a work in progress, and kind of weirdly organized, but I’m cheered to see any association movement toward helping librarians instead of solely focusing on libraries.

Dear ALA: Here’s a shamelessly self-promoting suggestion — why not link up to :P Just a thought.

Anyway. What do you all think of it?

Donate to in honor of National Library Workers Day

I just got a mass email from ALA-APA about donating to support their programs in honor of National Library Workers Day today. So this inspires me to say, what the heck, if you’re in the donating mood:

Donate to in honor of National Library Workers Day. Why? Because it’s a big old free resource for you, because I don’t get paid to run it, and because you know you’ve used it.

PayPal or donate via mail:, PO Box 6931, Villa Park, IL 60181. Thanks :) .

The new launches — yes, finally!

Spread the word :)

For immediate release: October 24, 2008
Contact: Rachel Singer Gordon ( launches new website

Villa Park, IL — Visitors to will notice a new look and feel today as the newly-redesigned site launches. The redesign brings in line with current web standards and adds new content and features. Note that old links willl be broken; please update your links and bookmarks.

Highlights of the redesign include:

  • Better integration of the forum and other interactive site features.
  • Job ads that, as always, are free to both job seekers and employers.
  • New content on education and career development, including information on MLIS scholarships as well as on funding conference attendance and other CE opportunities.
  • A more standards-compliant and accessible design.
  • A new logo designed by Wendy Koff, Librarian and Web Designer.
  • Updated links to outside resources; all links were checked manually in October 2008.
  • Improved organization — information for both job seekers and employers is now easier to find.
  • Opportunities for sponsorship — relevant organizations can easily reach an audience of librarians and info pros.

“I’m excited to launch the new and improved to better serve librarians, library workers, and info pros at all stages of their careers,” says webmaster Rachel Singer Gordon. “Stay tuned for more additions and improvements soon!”

Love the new logo? Grab yourself a t-shirt at the new Cafepress store. Find a job on Join the Flickr group, upload your photo, and you could see yourself featured on the site. (Don’t have a Flickr account? Email your photo and story to offers:

Come, explore, join in, and become part of the community.

Did you find your job on

Did you find a job on Join the Flickr group, post your photo and story, and you could show up on… :) .

The crotchety librarian

Smart? I don't THINK so

I’ve been meaning to post more lately, but it all wants to come out crotchety. (Maybe I should roll with it so LJ could hire me back as the “Even-more-annoyed-librarian” — but who can sustain that, really.) Besides, LJ itself is annoying me with its new “BookSmack” business, but maybe that’s because I don’t read enough “Books for Dudes.”

The Chicago Trib's revamped automotive section
But, I guess this is the way we’re going. Not only did LJ revamp itself, but The Chicago Tribune launched its own redesign a couple of weeks ago. In addition to lots o’ pictures, less actual content, and hardly any margins, it now features sections called “Smart” (ya THINK?), and “Rides” (AKA, the automotive section). Maybe I’m not the target audience, but I’m almost ready to jump on that “dumbing down of America” bandwagon. It’ll be interesting to see if the cost savings and change in focus will help or hurt both LJ and the Trib.

Anyway. I’ve been working on the long-neglected redesign, and plan to launch, if all goes well, on Friday. I’ll keep you all posted, and hopefully the changes won’t be as… well… annoying!

News Flash: Saudi Arabia is not the U.S.

An open letter to the several people who have emailed me so far about this job ad:

Yes, I am aware it is discriminatory. But no, unfortunately the EEOC does not hold sway in Saudi Arabia, nor does the U.S. Dept. of Labor. And you might note that if you’re intending to apply for a job in Saudi Arabia, gender discrimination is probably a given, and just the tip of the iceberg. (You may be male, but why not write them and ask if it’s OK if  you’re gay. Or, say, Jewish.)

Yes, I did let them post the ad. Why? If I start deleting job postings from other countries on the basis that I don’t like their laws and/or culture, I start down a path I don’t want to be on. If you want to apply, enjoy, but I’d suggest watching out for that little clause that says:

…be willing to do any and all tasks assigned, even if they are beyond the scope of the ‘contract position’.

If you would like to be annoyed about this further, hop on over to the Annoyed Librarian and join in the fun there.

Edited to add: I feel about this somewhat the same way as I do about postings for positions in Baptist (and other religious) academic institutions in the U.S. that require you to sign a statement of faith. Would I want to work there? No. Would I qualify to work there? Not so much. But, I can’t say the same for all of the site’s readers. I do cull out ads that have nothing to do with librarians, are spam, violate U.S. law, want you to stuff envelopes to make money fast… but not Saudi Arabian ads or Baptist university ads.

Appealing to the collective wisdom

So the templates for the new are almost done, and will be just waiting for me to move the content over. Question for the crowd: any recommendations for a lightweight editor? Something like Dreamweaver is overkill for me, but something that does WYSIWYG and preserves CSS and all that good stuff would be fabulous. Right now I’m using NoteTab, so something in between?

(Yes, I’m moving into the new millennium!) Logo Contest

*** PLEASE DISTRIBUTE WIDELY *** LOGO CONTEST is seeking submissions for a new logo that reflects its mission of job hunting and career development for librarians and info pros. This logo will be featured on the upcoming redesign of the website, as well as in additional print and online materials.


Please keep the design in a landscape (wider than it is tall) format, and use lighter colors to help it stand out against the redesigned site. While creating your design, keep in mind that the new expands coverage of career development and library education issues, serving all stages of info pros’ career cycle. I’m seeking a logo that best represents that mission.

Please submit your design as a .jpg file to by Monday, July 7. If your design is chosen, please be prepared to submit a high-quality Illustrator (.eps) or Photoshop (.psd) graphic (vector preferred).

If your design is chosen, you affirm that you will transfer all rights over to Rachel Singer Gordon/ By submitting a logo design, you affirm that you are its creator and have not used others’ protected work in its design. You will be credited on the website as the logo designer, with a link back to your own web presence if desired. You will also receive a free resume posting on (lifetime, or as long as I still offer this service) as well as an autographed copy of What’s the Alternative: Career Options for Librarians and Info Pros (ITI, 2008).

The winning design will be chosen by Rachel Singer Gordon. If no design is selected, there may be no winner of this contest, and may stick with its old logo.