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As California goes…

In honor of gay marriage now being legal in California, I present to you a conversation I had yesterday with my 5 year old:

5yo: Hey mom? Do men marry men sometimes?

me: Yes, sometimes they do.

5yo: Well then can they combine their 2 sperm cells and make a baby?

me: No, you need sperm and an egg to make a baby, so you need a man and a woman.

5yo: Well how do they have a baby then?

me: Well, sometimes they adopt a baby who grew in someone else’s tummy, just like we adopted Sam. Remember, there are a lot of different ways that babies join families.

5yo: Well, I’m not going to marry a man. I’m going to marry Saffron so she can grow a baby in her tummy.

me: OK.

5yo: And then when I go to astronaut school, she can stay home and take care of him! And his name will be Henry. Like the neighbor’s dog in Jack and Annie.

me: I thought you said Saffron was going to be an architect?

5yo: She can do that job later.

Despite the fact that I may be raising a mini chauvinist, at least he’s open minded about the marriage issue. (He later came up with: “Well, girls can marry girls, then, and then you’d have two moms!”) OK, but you’re thinking “stop blogging about your kids already — what does this have to do with libraries?” Simply this: a lot of kids in his generation are growing up thinking of things like gay marriage and adoption and multiethnic families as natural, just another way to do things. This should be a wakeup call for librarians to continue standing on our principles in terms of the way that we provide services to all.

I feel the same way about librarians who refuse to work Harry Potter parties, who won’t purchase materials on homosexuality (or witchcraft, or what the heck, even “intelligent design”) — or who block MySpace — as I do about pharmacists who refuse to dispense contraception: You’re in the wrong profession, folks.

It’s Final!

Full-body contact reading

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A few days ago, we received our adoption finalization documents from the court. It’s final!

Are you being served?

Sam is served by the cook county sheriff!

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In yet another one of the adoption process oddities, we appeared in court this morning to start the adoption finalization process, and 12-month-old Sam had to personally be served papers to appear. As you can see, he was eager.

Putting the social in software

I have been a somewhat late convert to most forms of social software, but today I have a warm and fuzzy feeling because of those of you who have commented about Sam’s arrival here, on my Flickr, or on my Facebook Wall. Thanks, guys!

Sam’s Home!

I’m tall!

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… and we’re all very tired. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the U.S., happy Sam Day to everyone :) .

Orphan Petition

Just a brief adoption update. Our home study is done, and today we are mailing in the ominous sounding Application for Advance Processing of Orphan Petition — with our check made out to “The Department of Homeland Security.” This includes a “biometrics fee” for, yes, a third set of fingerprints. Getting closer…!

Home Sweet Homestudy

Adoption update for those following along at home: Our adoption counselor came for the home visit today, ascertained we had one, and is now writing up our homestudy. Then, we fill out yet another government form, get fingerprinted a third time (don’t ask), and wait.

Adoption With Class

We spent a lovely St. Patrick’s day yesterday at an all-day international adoption seminar, which is a requirement both of our agency and for foster care licensing for this purpose in Illinois. If you should ever have occasion to attend one of these things, be prepared for people to bandy about scary terms like “attachment disorder” and “failure to thrive.” We were heartened again, however, by the parent panel at the end of the day, complete with cute babies and toddlers galore — all of whom looked fairly attached and thriving to us!

All Quiet on the Adoption Front

So, an update. We’re just chugging along with all the preliminaries, which include exciting tasks like taking the cats to the vet and proving their rabies shots are up-to-date, getting physicals, getting our water quality report from the water department, and filling out more mounds of paperwork. (This is much more complicated than the first time!) We’re meeting with our adoption counselor again in a couple of weeks.

If you want to skip to the end, check out this blog by someone who’s adopting through the same agency we are and is currently in Korea picking up her new son. (Cute photo warning…!)

I might as well throw all the personal stuff in one post — Lieutenant Dan shipped out Monday, and e-mailed briefly from Kuwait yesterday. He’ll hopefully be stable and set up in a couple weeks with Internet access on his laptop so that we can Skype.

Lieutenant Dan

Daniel and Jake
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So, one of the reasons that we chose South Korea is that one of my brothers is Korean. Lieutenant Dan is heading to Iraq in a couple of weeks, so those of you who keep people in your thoughts and prayers… add him on in.